Get Module’s directory path in Magento 2

Get Module’s directory path in Magento 2

Sometimes we need to get module’s directory path mainly when we working with libraries. In this article, I will show how we can get the module’s directory path. Check this article for Get root directory path in Magento 2

Use Magento\Framework\Module\Dir class to get the module’s directory paths.

namespace MagePrince\Testing\Model;

class Directories
    private $directory;

    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Framework\Module\Dir $directory
    ) {
        $this->directory = $directory;

    public function getModuleEtcDir()
        $directoryPath = $this->directory->getDir(
            'MagePrince_Testing', Dir::MODULE_ETC_DIR

        return $directoryPath;

By the above getModuleEtcDir() function you can get the module’s etc folder path like:


You can use the following constant of Magento\Framework\Module\Dir class to get module’s directory paths

const MODULE_ETC_DIR = 'etc';
const MODULE_I18N_DIR = 'i18n';
const MODULE_VIEW_DIR = 'view';
const MODULE_CONTROLLER_DIR = 'Controller';
const MODULE_SETUP_DIR = 'Setup';

Hope this article will help you to understand how to get Module’s directory paths. If you have any question please comment below.

Happy Coding…:)