About Me

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m Prince Patel, hailing from the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. With a passion for coding and a penchant for problem-solving, I’ve carved my niche as a Magento backend developer with 8+ years of extensive experience in Magento 2 development. Let me take you on a journey through my professional endeavors and contributions to the Magento community.

Professional Journey:

My journey in the realm of Magento began over 8 years ago, and since then, I’ve been deeply immersed in the Magento ecosystem, working on a plethora of challenging projects. Notably, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to several complex Magento 2 projects, including those within the Adobe Commerce Cloud. Through these experiences, I’ve honed my skills and garnered invaluable insights into the intricacies of Magento development.

Contributions and Achievements:

My dedication to excellence and commitment to sharing knowledge have earned me recognition within the Magento community. I take great pride in my standing as one of the top contributors on Magento Stack Exchange, holding the prestigious rank of 15th overall worldwide. With 22k+ reputation points and a remarkable reach of 3 million on my answers, I’ve established myself as a trusted authority in the field.

My contributions have been acknowledged through numerous accolades, including 10 gold, 97 silver, and 119 bronze badges on Magento Stack Exchange. Of particular note is the rare Magento 2 Gold badge among the top 8 Magento developers.


In my pursuit of mastery in Magento 2 development, I’ve diligently pursued certifications to validate my skills. I’m proud to hold 7 Magento certifications, including:

  1. Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Architect
  2. Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Full Stack Developer
  3. Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer
  4. Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer
  5. Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer
  6. Adobe Certified Professional—Adobe Commerce Developer
  7. Magento 1 Certified Developer Plus

These certifications serve as a testament to my expertise and proficiency across various aspects of Magento 2 development.



Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my journey in the world of Magento development. I’m passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and create meaningful solutions. Whether it’s tackling complex challenges or sharing insights with the community, I’m committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Magento ecosystem. Let’s connect, collaborate, and embark on a journey of growth and success together!